Monday, January 19, 2009

Coveted Yarn...New Yarn Shop In Gloucester!

Well as a hoarder of the stash, no jaunt is complete unless a yarn shop is found! Thanks to Ravelry, I realized there was a new yarn shop right where we were staying. Yeah...yet another reason to love Gloucester, MA!!!
Rich & I stop by Coveted Yarn and were truly amazing at how much lovely yarn could be packed into such an adorable shop. Upon arrival we were greated by an awesome staff - Robert, the owner & his assistants Astrid & Sari. They made us feel right at home! There was so much to see in this new yarn shop and many gorgeous fibers to touch.
As you can see from my pictures...there is a wall of yarn - all the colors of the rainbow! This alone can mesmerize any fiber artist. The selection of Blue Heron yarn is incredible too. There is a nice cushy sofa right in the middle of the store that makes you feel as though you are sitting in your family room at home. Robert has knitted samples and there are partially knitted pieces for we fiber fanatics to play with as well.
Coveted Yarn is definitely a shop not to be missed when in the Gloucester area. I intend to drop in next time we are in Gloucester & will probably order online too.
I wish Robert and his staff the best of luck with his new venture!!! If all the fiber artists feel as at home and welcome as I felt...this new yarn shop is sure to thrive...
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Mo said...

As a crocheter, I made sure there was a crochet project for people to play with at Coveted Yarn! Glad you had such a good time.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Gloucester. I live about 45 mins. from gloucester, I will have to go and visit the Coveted Yarn Shop.