Friday, March 27, 2009

Holey Moley

Let me start by saying I am a HUGE fan of Doris Chan! I've made many of her fabulous designs and Doris has been a great mentor...
My newest "quickie" project is the Mei-Mei from Doris' Everyday Crochet. Talk about a quick, satisfying project. My little cover-up was finished in one evening! There is just one little problem though...I could not handle the holes on the bottom fronts. OK it is probably just me (YES I can be a little anal...OK more than a little). These holes probably don't bother most people & I really do like the design. BUT I just had to eliminate those holes if I'm ever going to wear it; especially since I will be wearing a black tank top underneath.
Last night I had dreams of changing the bottom edge...The most practical idea I came up with (without losing the look of the Mei-Mei) was to whip out the darning needle & get to work closing up those holes. I chose to weave the yarn back & forth gently eliminating the holes as I stitched. If you'd like to give it a go, here are a few pictures of what I did. Hopefully they will show my stitches OK.
Now I'm done with my rant...onto the next project in preparation for Key West!!!

Til next time...Happy Stitching!!!