Friday, August 7, 2009


Well YES it is totally awesome to have your designs published in leaflets, books & offered online; BUT do you know what is even better?!? My daughter, Kelly, asking me to make her an afghan. Let me explain ~ Kelly is in the army stationed at Fort Rucker, AL. She is an air traffic controller, working in the tower & telling the "big birds" what to do. She spends her time directing the helicopter pilots. She works long, hard hours as do her peers...& this mom couldn't be more proud of her!!!
As hot as it is in Alabama in August; Kelly has asked me to make her an afghan. (By the time this is finished it will probably not be so hot). Everyone could use a loving hug from their mom ~ even though it's many miles away! For me this is no ordinary project. I spent many hours & days trying to find "just the perfect" afghan pattern to suit Kelly. Yesterday I finally narrowed it down to 3 patterns & set off to A.C. Moore for the yarn. After fiddling around...this is the design I'm using. As usual, I will probably change up the pattern for the joining & border.
This project is very close to my heart & I have a feeling it will be loved & cherished by Kelly for many years to come (even long after I'm gone). It will have to suffice for a big bear hug until she returns home for a visit at the end of the year.

Happy Stitchin'