Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Most Awesome Phone Call!!!

Well as if I weren't doing enought cartwheels yesterday...I had a most awesome phone call. You will not believe who called me yesterday...drumroll please...(ok wait for it)...the very talented, wonderful DORIS CHAN herself!!! My very helpful mentor in the CGOA designing program called to congratulate me. It was so much fun chatting with Doris. She is so down to earth...just like gabbing with my old girlfriends. Doris - thank you so much for all your support. You are as great a mentor as you are a designer. I am so looking forward to book #3!
Kim Guzman has been very helpful too. Kim started spreading the word of the pattern release & she set up a designers page for me on Ravelry. Something that I probably would never have figured out how to do. Thank you Kim!!! One last thought...What an awesome feeling it is to see one of your designs worn by a beautiful model. Let's just day has been made!

Could it possibly get any better than this???

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here Ye...Here Ye...It's Finally Here!!!

Yes I'm doing cartwheels...(well I'm thinking about doing them anyway)...The long-awaited Vintage Pineapples Shawl pattern is now available online here - The shawl features Caron's new Simply Soft Eco yarn. So run right out & buy some Eco yarn, look stunning & help out the environment all at the same time!!! A portion (sorry I don't remember the amount) of the yarn is made from recycled plastic bottles & you would never realize it if I didn't tell you.

So be "green" just like Kermit...Ribbit-Ribbit - so "hoppy" the pattern is available!!! Oh geez someone is just a little too excited...

Happy Crocheting