Sunday, August 31, 2008

Autumn...Getting In the Mood!!!

Can autumn be far behind?!? I think's our first "little punkin". Here's a little something to get you in the mood for fall. We had fun this weekend enjoying Chris, Christy & Jenn Beth's company - a fun visit that I wish we could have more often! Jenna Beth is no longer a baby, she is turning into a very smart, adorable young lady.

I'm hoping to add another little pumpkin to the pumpkin patch...Bob, Leah & Nick I'm hoping you'll help me out here...I'd like to add Nicholas (because grandpa & grandma just don't look cute in these hats)!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Making Good Use Of Those CGOA Classes!

Well...since I've been asking everybody if they are using the techniques they learned at the conference, I thought it was about time that I practiced what I preached. Here is a picture of my Felted Tunisian Entrelac Bag. The bags that I make are usually lined, but I think I'm going to pass on lining this bag. It really doesn't seem to need it & it might actually not look that great either (with the grommet thing going on).'s time to get busy with 4 "secret" projects in the works. It's really a good thing that I have (relatively) good organizational skills from my executive secretary days. I need them now!!! & no - I'm certainly not complaining. I couldn't be happier. There is a list a mile long of designs & swatches to make, patterns to write, & patterns to test; not to mention the "other" list which consists of my charity projects including, but not limited to, squares & afghans for the American Angels group, prayer shawls for church; scarves, hats & afghans for our local shelters. Oh yes & then there is Christmas. Could one actually crochet & knit in there sleep?!?

After all of the above is finished...I'll go back to working on projects using techniques from each & every one of the classes that I took in Manchester this year (& perhaps last years classes too). Thinking out loud here - Perhaps I can use the new techniques from the classes in new designs & in my charity projects! Lets see just how organized I

Guess I'd better stop blabbing here & get to work. Otherwise that list is gonna get even longer.

Have a great day every...Happy Crocheting!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Inspiration By The Ocean

Have you ever vacations come & go so quickly?!? "Crabby Dick" & I just returned from a mini-vacation in Gloucester, MA. Being by the ocean is so inspirational & rejuvenating for my spirit! How can you not be inspired with all the beautiful sites. While in Gloucester, we spent time looking for a summer home...a little getaway to call our own.

The crochet & knit projects came along on vacation (of course). I needed a suitcase just to bring up the projects! Surprisingly...a lot of progress was made. Afghan squares were completed for the American Angels group, Kelly's crocheted afghan is almost finished & little Nick's knitted cardi is about halfway done...Will post pictures on Ravelry. I don't know how I got so much accomplished, because we really spent time enjoying the beauty that is Gloucester...Lots of walks at the beach, through the parks, etc. Rich & I really enjoy nature & the natural beauty of Gloucester. I must have been a sea captain in a previous! There's something about that salty air.

One thought (of many) on vacation was...Just how many fiber artists that attended the Knit & Crochet show in Manchester have applied the techniques they have learned in the classes they attended? I'm very curious about this. If anyone would like to post in comments, I'd love to hear the responses. I really want to experiment with the wonderful techniques that I learned this year. One of many great classes was Darla Fanton's Entrelac In The Round. The Entrelac Bag is blocking & I can't wait to finish this. I'd also like to work on the Illusion Crochet technique (another great class by Darla)! & Myra Wood's Freeform Creative Lace as well.

Til the next post...