Monday, January 26, 2009

The Fine Line Of Knitting And Crocheting

Well fellow fiber it just me or is that fine line between knitting & crocheting finally less apparent?!? Lately while browsing on Ravelry I've noticed more knitted pieces mimicking crochet & visa versa. All I have to say is...It is about time!
While I enjoy both needlecrafts, crochet will always be my favorite...simply because I relax so much more with crochet & reach my state of "zen" - even when working on a complex piece.
I think the time has come for all to embrace that which they enjoy and make the most of their preferred craft. There are so many wonderfully talented fiber artists around & now it is more apparent than ever since we are so lucky to have a site such as Ravelry.
As of late the laceweight yarns and Japanese patterns have been capturing my attention. I love the detail in these pieces and the fact that they are charted out makes it so much easier. If you are a "visual" crafter and are not yet familiar with these patterns I highly recommend checking them out. They can make all the difference in the world!!!
I am adding a few pictures here of my latest laceweight adventure. Thanks to Sharon who started a Spiral Shawl CAL...otherwise I may have never experienced such pleasure and satisfaction in a laceweight project!!!

Til next time...
Happy (whatever you prefer)...knitting or crocheting! Vive la difference



Unknown said...

I agree. I think Ravelry has helped blur the line a lot. At least in our eyes, lol. I never really felt like there should be that much of a line anyhow. I have to laugh when I see members on the CP list talk like the word knit is a four letter word or something....oh wait, it does have four letters.....alright, but it's really not a bad word though. Maybe it's the "on topic" police that make it a hot topic word? I don't know, but either way it is nice to see people coming together more. It might even be due to the fact that we all have become a lot closer lately and going back to our roots reminds us of what really matters. Because we all know it's not weather you knit or crochet it's that you love the fiber arts!
Happy Hooking! said...

I like to thinking of it as "hybrid~ing;" when the line is blurred and bliss abounds. :)

crochetgal said...

Your spiral shawl is absolutely beautiful. It has inspired me to start mine. I love the way you finished off the bottom.

Debbie said...

I never saw a difference. I never heard of the "us versus them" until a few years ago....I do both. I bead, a little rubberstamping and some needlepoint just to add to the mix. I enjoy them all and I enjoy most crafters I meet too. How many times have I been at a local craft store and a conversation starts.....too many to count. Rare when I'm looking at clothes, food, etc.