Friday, September 26, 2008

Where Did September Go?!?

I must have blinked! What happened to September??? The month is almost over. It has been quite a busy month. Design projects, charity projects & Christmas presents have been flying off my hooks & needles. Here is a small sample of what I've been working on...Most are designs & Christmas presents (neither of which I want to show pictures of here)...because...well - they are surprises! It is pouring rain today, so it's really a great day to cuddle up in the chair & crochet without feeling guilty about not walking. Don't get me wrong...I really do enjoy going for a nice long walk with my awesome hubby (Crabby Dick) & my four-legged best friend (Tootie) BUT today is really just made for needlework.

The projects that I am showing here have been donated to the American Angels Group & will be going to our soldiers...a very small contribution but if we all work together we can at least give our soldiers a little comfort for all they do for us!!!

It should be a great crocheting weekend for all of us in the northeast...RAIN...RAIN & more RAIN through Sunday!

til next time...