Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Ready For CGOA Conference In NH

Well the time is coming near...when all the knitters & happy hookers will be making their way to Manchester, NH. This will be my second year in attendance. What an awesome experience it is...every fiber artists dream come true! Getting a chance to meet all the wonderfully talented designers, editors, publishers & of course Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss.

Most of today has been spent packing up supplies, writing down phone numbers & contacts, getting the homework together, etc.

Hubby (Crabby Dick) as seen here...also started a blog of his own. His blog is about the trials & tribulations of being married to me (a fiber artist). I'm sure there are some disgruntled partners out there...that at times feel left by the wayside while their partners are busy "playing" with the yarn, sticks & hooks. So...if you're so inclined, please feel free to check out his blog too -

Til Tomorrow ~


Tania Romualdo said...

Hi Karen,
I got your link from the crochetpartners and just came by to say hello and to wish you good luck with your blog.

Karen said...

Welcome to the fun world of blogging Karen -- it's about time! Have fun in Manchester; wish I was going too.

butterflycrochet said...

Hi Karen,
I also got to you here from CrochetPartners. I'm glad you got the blog thing figured out *wink*.
I read hubby's blog earlier today and enjoyed it. I think it is wonderful that he supports you like he does. From your blog pic here it looks like you are a happy couple! That makes a huge difference. Have fun at the conference.

Lori in Philly said...

I think what the both of you are doing is great. Good luck with all of it. Makes fun reading, good enjoyable reading. Maybe hubby should help out? Mine fetches my yarn but won't dare make anything he is a WOODSMAN but doesn't paint the things he makes very well. Have fun on your trip. Thanks for making me smile.

Shelly said...

Hi Karen, Got your blog link from CrochetTalk. Looks like you've got this thing figured out. If I can help at all, go on over to my blog and leave a note and I'll try to help.